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Accelerator/Facility and Short Description

Private Rate
(per hour)*

Federal Rate
(per hour)*

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48 Mev, 10Kw Electron LINAC

$650*** $500*** Jon Stoner Submit Request

44 Mev Fast Pulsed LINAC (FPL)
Former EG&G/DOE accelerator, completely reconditioned

$650*** $500*** Jon Stoner Submit Request

25 Mev LINAC in Main Accelerator Hall
Reconditioned medical LINAC, three beam ports

$355*** $250*** Jon Stoner Submit Request

4 MV Tandem Pelletron

$500 $250 Jon Stoner Submit Request


$500**** $282**** Jon Stoner Submit Request

* In addition, an overhead rate applies and is not included in rate.

** 10 hour minimum plus set fees as applicable.

*** Unless waived by the director, a requirement of at least one hour of researcher rate per 10 hours will be applied to beam time only requests.

**** Unless an exception has been made, a research charge of 1 hour will be added to every 5 hours of Tri-Mev time.

General Export Control Compliance

It is Idaho State University policy to remain fully compliant at all times with all U.S. export control regulations, including but not limited to the Export Administration Regulations; International Traffic in Arms Regulations; and embargo sanctions under the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). All users must comply with said regulations, ISU will not be held responsible or liable for such non-compliance.


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