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    Active Research Areas:

    Medical Isotope Development and Commercialization:

    1. Development of process and commercialization of 67 Cu for cancer therapy
    2. Research into transmutable isotopes for medical applications using LINACs
    3. Novel separation technologies to improve specific activity of isotopes

    Photon Activation Analysis

    1. Research and Development of methods to measure ppb levels of elements
    2. Applications include ore analysis, forensic analysis, material documentation, etc.

    Pulsed Power, Novel Beams and Accelerator Beam Physics

    1. Non-destructive electron beam diagnostics
    2. Compton back-scatter photons for materials, biological, shock physics industrial applications, and non-destructive electron beam diagnostics
    3. Pulsed Power Systems: ultra-high intensity beams, plasmas, equation of state with ‘warm’ dense matter
    4. Positron beams
    5. High-Power Beams for Isotope Production, Activation analysis and Intense neturon sources

    Non-Destructive Evaluation, Assay and Materials Analysis

    1. Accelerator based cargo inspection and NDA/NDE prototype systems
    2. Development of radiographic tomography for waste and infrastructure inspection
    3. Accelerator-based (pair production or photon activation) Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy analytical methods for materials defects analysis and imaging
    4. Positive ion beams for material irradiation and/or analysis

    Basic Nuclear Measurements and Applications

    1. Effects of radiation on biological and electrical/solid-state systems
    2. Chem/Bio weapons defeat
    3. Radiation for parts/device testing
    4. Production and analysis of radiation damage in materials with electrons, photons and light ions
    5. Medical Physics: imaging, isotope production

    Nuclear Physics Research

    1. Photonuclear Reactions:  Isomer Excitation, (gamma, X) reactions, photo-fission
    2. Intermediate Energy nuclear physics at Jefferson Lab and associated detector testing/development
    3. Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence Scattering

    Homeland Security and Nuclear non-Proliferation/Safeguards

    1. Active photon-induced prompt and delayed neutron/gamma emission detection
    2. Fissile material signatures
    3. Explosives detection

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