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Idaho Accelerator Home Personnel


  Dr. Alan Hunt Dr. Alan Hunt, Associate Professor, IAC
  Dr. Frank Harmon Dr. Frank Harmon, Senior Scientist, IAC
  Dr. Dan Dale Dr. Dan Dale, Senior Scientist and Affiliate Professor, IAC
Research Faculty
  Dr. René Rodriguez Dr. René Rodriguez, Professor, ISU Chemistry Dept.
  Dr. Tom Gesell Dr. Philip Cole, Associate Professor, ISU Physics Dept.
  Dr. Tom Gesell Dr. Khalid Chouffani, Associate Research Professor, IAC
  Dr. Kim Dr. Yujong Kim, Assistant Professor on Accelerator Physics and FEL Physics, ISU Physics Dept.
  Dr. Tom Gesell Wendland Beezhold, Research Scientist, IAC
  Rick Spielman, Visiting Research Professor, IAC
Technical Staff
  Kevin Folkman, Head Accelerator Engineer
  Chad O'Neill, Chief Electronics Engineer
  Mike Smith, Engineering Physicist IV
  Brian Berls Brian Berls, Accelerator Engineer
  Image of John Ralph John Ralph, Accelerator Engineer
  Mark Balzer, Radiation Engineer I
Research Staff
  Jon L. Stoner  Jon L. Stoner, Consultant, IAC
Administrative Staff
  Linda Egli's Picture  Linda Egli, Grants/Contracts Program Specialist
   Reena Spradlin, Administrative Assistant I
   Idaho Accelerator Center
   1500 Alvin Ricken Drive
   Pocatello, ID 83201
       Phone: (208) 282-5877
   Fax: (208) 282-5878

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